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Tora Bora roots! Ooh baby! 💕

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Apr 7, 2014

Anonymous asked: We've had our differences but I hope you have an amazing life and keep on shining, flower child. 🌻

Forever will :-)

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Apr 7, 2014

Anonymous asked: you're such a beautiful soul I admire you, I really do

Aw! I’ve never been told that:-) but I hope I continue to be admirable

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5crub asked: I wish the best for you Valerie, you're always in the back of my mind and I know one day you'll make it in life. Until then ill be believing in you the whole way through. Keep your head up, and put that pretty smile of yours back on your face.

Aw! Thanks! You really nice :))

Apr 7, 2014

Anonymous asked: I hope you have an amazing day Valerie. :)

Thank you :) I hope you do also!

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Anonymous asked: How do you keep yourself happy?


reminding myself i only have one life and once its over , thats it.

that forces me to spend my time being positive 

cant ALWAYS be happy 

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By Dennis Auburn

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